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6 people, including 14y/o girl, killed in Belgorod shooting

A gunman has opened fire near an arms shop in the Russian town of Belgorod, leaving six people dead and one injured. A 14-year-old girl is among those killed.

RIA Novosti / Alexey Dvorkin
Police have allegedly determined the whereabouts of the shooting suspect and sent special forces to the area, a source at the law enforcement agency told RIA Novosti.

Police have surrounded the area where the suspect is believed to be hiding.

image from @cityofgood31
About 2pm local time (10:00 GMT) the gunman drove up to a shop in a dark BMW X5. Getting out of the car, he opened fire in the street and then inside the shop, according to RIA Novosti.

One of the injured - a 16-year-old girl – later died in local hospital’s ICU.

The Belgorod shooter allegedly used a Kalashnikov-based semi-automatic 7.62 caliber Saiga carbine, popular with hunters, reports Lifenews tabloid.
The suspect's identity has been established.

The suspect – Sergey Pomazun, 31-year-old – has a criminal record and has earlier been convicted four times, “mainly for thefts,” a source at regional Interior Ministry Told Interfax. 

image from image from @moussavi31
It is alleged that he attempted to rob the arms shop.
Police have found the suspect's car in the neighborhood nearby. However, he managed to flee the scene.

Conflicting reports suggest there were two suspects in the shooting, with witnesses having seen them according to Interfax. The two may have been father and son, according to ITAR-TASS.
Photo showing the crime scene, with the lower part demonstrating one of the victims lying on the ground. image from @AlenaGood31
Belgorod is a city with a population of over 420,000 people. It is located in the south of Russia’s European part, just 40km from the border with Ukraine.

An amateur video from the scene shows a killed person lying on the ground.
Locals say the shooting sparked panic among residents.

“Employees of [a nearby] Sberbank office want to close the bank because of the incident. Connection is down. They are panicking,” ‏@anastasiaskull posted on twitter.

 Police have “cordoned off the area,” says user @Angelina1Lina11. “Damn! I’m only 2-3 minutes far from home. It freaks me out.”

“Everyone who lives in Belgorod, be careful,” warns @Lizaveta_31. “I was called up and told not to leave house. We’ve got shooting here.”

“The reports are conflicting! So don’t believe anything, just keep safe! Don’t risk your lives!” adds another local resident, @TranceR1.

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