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At least three killed, up to 100 injured by Texas tornado

Texas tornadoes upend north Texas Wednesday night, causing at least two deaths.

A trucking company trailer landed on a car that was parked in
front of a home in Cleburne, Texas. after a powerful storm Wednesday night.

Several tornadoes slammed into the Dallas Fort Worth area Wednesday night, causing at least three deaths and injuring several dozen.

Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds says one of the tornadoes touched down 3.5 miles southeast of Granbury Wednesday night, in the Rancho Brazos subdivision, destroying mobile homes and single-family homes. Deeds said at least three residents were killed and up to 100 injured, some critically. The injuries range from amputations to minor bumps and bruises, Deeds says.

"There were probably 75 homes in that subdivision that are totally destroyed,'' Deeds said. "We haven't had a bad one like this for a while.''

The tornado was among several spotted in Texas on Wednesday night and part of a broader storm system that dumped rain and hail up to the size of grapefruit on parts of the state. The National Weather Service to issue storm warnings for 32 counties in Texas and four others in Oklahoma. The tornado watch was in effect until 1 a.m. Thursday.

"This is serious," weather service meteorologists warned via social media. "Take shelter now!"

Granbury, a town of about 8,000 that's 40 miles southwest of Fort Worth, received only minor storm damage, Deeds said. City officials were sending first-responders to check neighborhoods and school buses to help evacuate the area.City officials were sending school buses to several neighborhoods to help with evacuations.The Red Cross set up shelters for tornado victims at two local churches.

The house across from mine looked like it was destroyed," said Rancho Brazos resident Allacia Jenny, 22. "I saw power lines all over the place."

A second tornado it the small town of Millsap west of Forth Worth. Parker County Judge Mark Kelley said roof damage was reported to several houses and a barn was destroyed, but no injuries were reported. Another tornado was spotted at about 8 p.m. near Decatur in Wise County. A fourth twister was spotted 10 miles west of Weatherford.

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