Tuesday, May 7, 2013


China opposes U.S. report on Chinese military

BEIJING, May 7 - Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman on Tuesday expressed "firm opposition" to a Pentagon report that misrepresents China's military development.

"We firmly oppose the report and have made representations to the United States," Hua Chunying said at a daily press briefing.

Her comments came after the U.S. Department of Defense on Monday released its annual report on China's military, expanding its coverage to include more aspects, while still overlooking the country's peaceful defense policy.

The 83-page report, titled Military and Security Development involving the People's Republic of China 2013, includes more information on China's cyber capabilities and activities.

While recognizing that China has increased diplomatic engagement and advocacy for the issue of cyber security, the report claimed some of the cyber attacks against U.S. government computer networks in 2012 "appear to be attributable directly to the Chinese government and military."

Hua said the Pentagon report unjustly criticizes China's justified and normal military development, plays up China's military threat and damages trust and cooperation between the two countries.

The spokeswoman stressed China has always adhered to the path of peaceful development, pursued a military strategy which is defensive in nature and become a staunch force in safeguarding peace and stability in Asia, the Pacific region and the world.

"China's necessary and moderate military buildup, which meets the country's needs, is completely aimed at safeguarding the country's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity and part of the country's justified rights," Hua said.

She told the press briefing that China has on many occasions made public its stance on cyber attacks, reiterating, "China resolutely opposes any hacking attack and would like to hold candid and constructive talks with the United States on cyber security."

"But groundless accusations and speculation will only damage both sides' efforts to talk," she said.

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