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Cuba holds anti-drug drills

HAVANA,- Cuba started a two-day anti-drug drill on Friday to assess the joint preventive work against drugs.

The operation involved the Border Protection Troops (TGF), the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) and the Naval Detachments in charge of protecting Cuba's shores.

Lt. Col. Luis Madruga, TGF Operating Chief in Havana, was quoted by the National Information Agency (AIN) as saying the CDR played a central role in the surveillance activities in each coastal settlement. It trained local people on how to proceed in case of discovering drug shipments and report to maritime authorities.

This is the latest effort by the Cuban authorities, which since 2003 have implemented "Breastplate" strategic operation to fight against drug trafficking and consumption.

The Caribbean island nation holds national exercises against drugs twice a year, with the participation of government departments, armed forces and political organizations.

Cuba, located in the air and sea routes of drug dealers from South America to the United States, seizes large amount of drugs every year.

Its armed forces reported in February that 3,045 kilograms of drugs were seized and 273 people were sentenced to six to 10-year imprisonment for crimes related to narcotics in 2012.

The country has signed anti-drug agreements with 33 countries and cooperates with the police of 27 countries in exchanging information and sharing experience to confront traffickers.

Cuban President Raul Castro has asked officials to fight drugs with "blood", and warned that the death penalty will be applied against drug traffickers if necessary.

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