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Death toll hits 43 in central Nigeria's police ambush

LAFIA, Nigeria,- The death toll of an attack on policemen by a militia group in central north Nigeria's Nasarawa State has hit 43, and 17 security personnel were still missing, the state governor Umaru Al-Makura said on Friday.

Al-Makura disclosed that some of the injured were receiving treatment, while some had been discharged from the hospital while he received a delegation from the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), who came to help in the search and rescue effort.
He said the ambush on policemen on Tuesday was an act of sabotage by a militia group, known as Ombatse, which might have infiltrated the ranks of security operatives in the state, adding that the killing was unacceptable and the government would do all within its power to bring the perpetrators to justice.
He said the government made efforts to invite the leader of the group to explain some of the activities of the sect prior to the attack, but the militia leader refused the invitation.
State governors from northern Nigeria on Friday expressed shock and sadness over the killing of policemen and other security agents by a militia, known as Ombatse, at Assakio village in central Nasarawa State.
The governors, who met under the aegis of the Northern Governors Forum, also condemned the attack, saying that no grievance can justify such a dastardly act against law enforcement agents.
The governors also condemned the killing of many farmers and destruction of property by Fulani herdsmen in Agatu Local Government Area of Benue.
Governor Babangida Aliyu of Niger State, the Forum's Chairman, called on security agencies to ensure that the perpetrators are caught and brought to justice, to prevent a recurrence.
He said it was unacceptable that security agents should become easy target for criminal elements, calling on the authorities to commence the prosecution of 10 of those, who allegedly perpetrated the Agatu mayhem.
Authorities of the Nigeria Police on Thursday confirmed that 30 police were killed in Alakyo village in Lafia East Development Area on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, Nigeria's police said on Friday that new measures are taken to secure the nation's borders.
Abdulmajid Ali, the new Commissioner of Police in-charge of Explosive Ordnance Department (EOD), said the measures would prevent illegal importation of explosive devices by undesirable elements into the country.
"A lot of things will be put in place and our borders will be fully-policed accordingly to avoid all these arms and ammunition coming into the country," he added.
He spoke against the backdrop of incessant bombings in the North and other violent crimes in other parts of the country.
Also on Friday, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan had a brisk meeting with the security chiefs over the wave of violence in the country, which has killed over hundreds of people in less than a month.
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