Thursday, May 9, 2013


Obama in Texas to renew focus on job creation, economic growth

HOUSTON,- U.S. President Barack Obama arrived in Texas on Thursday hoping to put his focus back on job creation and economic growth after concentrating on gun control, immigration and automatic spending cuts in recent months.

Obama was visiting Austin Thursday to use the busting capital city of Texas as a backdrop to talk about attracting jobs, providing skills training and economic growth that benefit the middle class, according to U.S. media reports.

Addressed select students and teachers at Manor New Technology High School near Austin, Obama said he will take action on economy even the Congress does not give the green light.

Federal education and research programs will help students acquire the skills needed to fill the well-paying jobs of the future, Obama said, adding that congressional Republicans have blocked some of his initiatives.

"I've sent Congress proposals on a wide range of ideas," Obama said. "But, some of them have been blocked in Congress for, frankly, political reasons. I'm going to keep on trying." The president said the national economy is recovering, and that "we've cleared away the rubble of the worst economic crisis in our lifetimes, so we're poised for progress."

Meanwhile, he said, recovery is threatened because Congress has balked at an economic plan that preserves investments in education.

Obama has called for a "balanced" budget plan that includes both cuts and more tax revenues to be gained by closing loopholes that benefit the wealthy. But congressional Republicans said higher taxes and proposed business regulations from the Obama administration are threatening to stall the economy.

As part of his visit to Texas, Obama announced a new competition to create three new Manufacturing Innovation Institutes, which involve businesses, schools and government that can develop new industries and avenues for jobs.

Obama's Austin trip kicked off what the White House described as a series of "Middle Class Jobs and Opportunity Tours." The visit came as a poll show what Americans want most from the government is job creation and action that will help the economy grow.

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