Thursday, May 2, 2013


UN chief meets P5 on Syria

UNITED NATIONS,-- UN Secretary-general Ban Ki- moon on Thursday met with senior diplomats from the five permanent members of the Security Council, known as the P5, on the latest situation in Syria, discussing "possible diplomatic moves to end the crisis" in the Middle East country.

"The secretary-general invited the five permanent members of the Security Council (P5) to an informal meeting, for discussions on Syria," UN spokesman Martin Nesirky said at a daily news briefing here. "They discussed possible diplomatic moves to end the crisis."

During the meeting, Ban "briefed them on the latest developments relating to the chemical weapons investigation mission," Nesirky said, referring to the UN probe into the alleged use of chemical weapons in fightings in Syria on March 19.

Ban set up the UN investigation team last month at a formal request of the Syrian government. He has recently kept appealing to Damascus to allow the UN team into the country without delay or conditions for on-site investigations.

According to Nesirky, Ban and the P5 diplomats "also discussed the ever-worsening humanitarian situation inside Syria and the neighboring countries, and international efforts to alleviate it."

The Syrian crisis broke out in March 2011 and led to violent conflicts between the government forces and the armed opposition. The United Nations is working hard for a diplomatic solution to the prolonged crisis, which has so far killed some 70,000 people.

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