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Wells Fargo bank foreclosing on Orlando man who paid on time, early

ORLANDO, Fla. — A man who made loan modification payments on time and early said Wells Fargo stopped taking payments and started foreclosing on his house.

Etienne Syldor said he's worked his whole life for a home in Orlando for his wife and three children.

Syldor is an immigrant from Haiti and a bus driver at Walt Disney World. At times, he said he has worked multiple jobs to make sure he never missed a mortgage payment.

Last year, Wells Fargo offered him mortgage modification, and he was told if he made four monthly payments during a trial period, the modification would be permanent.

Court records show Syldor not only made the payments on time, but paid early and more than he was required to.

"And you didn't miss any payments?" asked Eyewitness News' Kenneth Craig.

"I didn't miss any," Syldor said.

"And you overpaid," Craig said.

"I overpaid," Syldor said.

It's why Syldor said he was in disbelief when the bank suddenly stopped taking his payments and sent him a letter telling him Wells Fargo was starting foreclosure proceedings.

Syldor hired attorney LaMya Henry, who's now fighting to save his home.

"When he came in and showed me all of the documents, it was just unbelievable," Henry said. "Who gets foreclosed on when they've made all payments on time?"

Three days after Eyewitness News contacted Wells Fargo, bank representative Veronica Clemons sent a statement:

"For some loans, completing trial payments is a significant step toward a permanent modification; however, in this instance, the loan was part of a mortgage-backed security and in a protected pool, with specific payment guidelines. We are working with Mr. Syldor to explain the guidelines and explore options that may help."

The bank told Eyewitness News Syldor didn't follow the modification guidelines because he paid early and sometimes his payments were sent one on top of the other.

Syldor said it doesn't make any sense.

Wells Fargo went on to say since Eyewitness News called, it now plans to reach out to Syldor to help him.

Eyewitness News will be in touch with him to find out if he's able to save his home. source

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