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Canada:Wabush evacuees spend 2nd night away from Labrador homes

Wabush evacuees spend 2nd night away from Labrador homesEvacuated residents of Wabush spent their second night out of their homes as forest fires continued to blaze just a few kilometres away from the town.

Town officials declared a state of emergency on Friday night over concerns over deteriorating air quality, and residents were moved to neighbouring Labrador City.

Canadian Red Cross volunteers set up at the Arts and Culture Centre in nearby Labrador City processed more than 1,500 residents as of Saturday night, leaving roughly 300 more residents unaccounted for.

Wabush residents who have not yet registered are encouraged to do so, either in person or by calling the Red Cross in St. John's at 709-758-8416.

Volunteers will reply to messages to secure information on residents.

Landlines are operational again in both Wabush and Labrador City, and 911 emergency services are up and running.

BellAliant crews were able to get on site to repair roughly 1.6 km of damaged cable in the fire zone to restore services to the area.

A boil water advisory that was issued for Wabush on Saturday morning has been modified to avoid consumption.

The town advised that residents boil tap water before consuming, but have changed the advisory to bottled water only.

While there was some rain overnight Saturday and into Sunday morning, the minister of natural resources said the fire has grown, but not as much as in the past two or three days.

The Trans-Labrador Highway remains closed, but travellers have parked along the side of the road hoping the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary on site will escort drivers through the area.

There are no fires of concern on the Baie Comeau Highway leading from Quebec into Labrador. 

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