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Suspect in wounding of LAPD officials found dead

The suspect was found dead after a 13-hour standoff. Another gunman sought in a separate ambush that wounded two detectives remained at large, police said.

LA police shootings: Los Angeles police officers close off and search a city street on Tuesday, June 25.

LOS ANGELES — A man suspected of wounding a policeman and a probation officer was found dead Wednesday morning after a 13-hour standoff at a Willowbrook home, but another gunman sought in a separate ambush that wounded two detectives remained at large, police said.

The attacks happened hours apart Tuesday and sent police swarming to Southern California neighborhoods, disrupting thousands of people. They appeared to be unrelated, Cmdr. Andrew Smith said.

In the latest assault, authorities conducting a routine probation check were searching the Willowbrook home at about 7:30 p.m. Tuesday when a man inside shot an LAPD gang officer in the face and grazed the leg of a probation officer, Smith said.

The officer underwent surgery and was recovering in hospital intensive care, Smith said.

At least five officers exchanged shots with the gunman, and police sealed off the unincorporated county area about 10 miles south of downtown.

Neighboring homes were evacuated while officers tried to contact the gunman without success.

"Dozens of people have been kept from being in their homes overnight," Smith said.

Police fired tear gas into the home and used a robot to examine it before a SWAT team finally entered and found a man dead in the attic shortly before 9 a.m., Smith said.

The man, whose identity wasn't immediately released, had several gunshot wounds, but it was unclear whether he died from police bullets or killed himself, Smith said. It also was unclear how long he'd been dead.

Meanwhile, the hunt continues for a gunman who ambushed and wounded two detectives outside the LAPD's Wilshire Division station.

Hundreds of officers sealed off 25 square blocks of the busy Mid-City area for hours Tuesday and detained 10 people but never found the gunman.

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