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U.K.English police delay pot farm raid, find place cleaned out

Police in Nottingham, England, decided a raid on a pot-growing operation could wait, only to return a day later to find the place cleaned out.

Here's a tip for the police: If you find a pot-growing operation but don’t want to raid it right away, keep an eye on it in the meantime so someone doesn’t come and haul the plants away overnight.

That’s a lesson learned the hard way in Nottingham, England, where cops discovered an indoor growing operation of about 30 plants on Monday.

"I saw the policeman there; he went in the doors, came out, then I saw him talking to someone else," a witness told The Nottingham Post. "I could see there was cannabis in there – it was full of it, it was all in the passageway. Then the officer left.”

Police didn’t return until Tuesday, giving the apparent growers plenty of time to act. “About 11pm or 12ish a car pulls up in the middle of the road, and then another one, the doors are opened and men are taking black bags in and out, in and out," a different witness said. "They were quite quick with it, but I'd say the whole thing took 20 to 40 minutes. They drove off and that's the last anyone saw of them.”

The strange thing is that police in Nottingham are not new to this work. Pot farms of similar size have become “endemic” in the county, the BBC reported last year, with 105 found from 2010 to 2011. The county has the eighth-highest number of pot farms raided of Britain’s 54 police areas, The Post reported earlier this year.

County officials have become so accustomed to the raids that they’ve begun to get creative with the spoils: In one case, they used seized grow lights to maintain a damaged soccer field.

The Nottinghamshire police wouldn’t comment officially on the botched job, citing an internal investigation, The Post reports. But local Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping didn’t mind doing so: “It doesn't seem to reflect well on Notts police,” he told the paper.MSN News

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