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Tiger Airways rebranded to boost market share

SINGAPORE, July 4 - Budget carrier Tiger Airways ditched its leaping tiger and changed its name to Tigerair, in a major rebranding to boost market size and shareholder value, local daily Straits Times reported on Thursday.

"Customers who fly with us understand that we are not providing five-star service or fine dining. We are your hawker centre, but even as a hawker centre, you have to do things well," the company' s chief executive officer Koay Peng Yen said upon unveiling the new look at Changi Airport on Wednesday.

Tigerair, a third of which is owned by Singapore Airlines, recently launched a call centre, which has cut response times by half, he added. There is also a mobile app that allows users to make and change bookings. Repeat customers will find it convenient that the system is able to store their personal details for future bookings.

"Competition continues to be around so we want to focus on enhancing ourselves to our customers so that we stand out," he said.

Apart from its Singapore operations, Tigerair also has stakes in Indonesia's Mandala Airlines and South East Asian Airlines in the Philippines. It also owns 40 percent of Tigerair Australia.

Koay said the rebranding has not increased costs significantly so far.

"We don't see it as a cost. Rather, it's an investment to generate more volume and in turn, higher revenues," he said.

Tiger Airways turns profitable in 3rd quarter.

SINGAPORE, Jan. 24- Tiger Airways reported a net profit of 2 million Singapore dollars (1.6 million U.S. dollars) in the three months ending Dec. 31, 2012, the company said on Thursday.

The financial year of the company ends at the end of March.

The company, which has units in Singapore and Australia and stakes in airline companies in Indonesia and the Philippines, had been once troubled by the impact from a suspension of the operations of its Australian unit in July 2011 as well as high fuel costs.

The budget carrier announced a loss of 17.4 million Singapore dollars for the October-December period in 2011.

Tiger said the turnaround came on the back of a 47 percent rise in group revenue to 248 million Singapore dollars, driven mainly by an increase in the number of passengers carried.

"We are encouraged by the turnaround in this quarter," said Koay Peng Yen, the company's chief executive officer.

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