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Crews searching for missing investigator find body

Sandra Coke, a capital case investigator for the federal public defender's office in Sacramento, Calif., was last seen in Oakland on Sunday.

Parolee probed about missing federal investigator: Randy Alana
An undated booking photo of Randy Alana, 56, provided by the Oakland Police Department.
OAKLAND, Calif. — Authorities found a woman's body on Friday near a Northern California park where they had been searching for a missing federal investigator.

Oakland police Officer Johnna Watson said the body has not been identified and will be taken to the Solano County coroner.

It was found by Contra Costa County sheriff's search and rescue teams in a woodsy area near Laguna Valley Park in Vacaville, as crews searched for 50-year-old Sandra Coke of Oakland.

The search for Coke was ended after the discovery, and authorities remained tight-lipped about what led dozens of local, state and federal investigators to the area.

Coke, a capital case investigator for the federal public defender's office in Sacramento, was last seen in Oakland on Sunday.

On Thursday, Oakland police identified Coke's former boyfriend, Randy Alana, as a person of interest in the case. He and Coke were seen together Sunday, police said.

Alana, 56, of Oakland, a registered sex offender, was arrested on an unspecified parole violation on Tuesday.

"We are looking at an angle to see if foul play was involved," Watson said.

This undated photo provided by the Coke family shows Sandra Coke. Coke was last seen Sunday night, Aug. 4, 2013, after leaving her home in Oakland, Calif. Police are asking for the public's help as they try to locate the missing 50-year-old California woman who worked as a federal investigator. Relatives say Sandra Coke of Oakland was a capital case investigator for the Office of the Federal Public Defender in the Eastern District of California.Coke left her Oakland home shortly after 8:30 p.m. Sunday after reportedly telling her 15-year-old daughter she was meeting with someone who had found her missing dog.

Coke said she would be back in 30 minutes. Her daughter called police when her mother did not come home that night.

A family friend, Laura Burstein, said Coke dated Alana more than 20 years ago. Another friend, Dan Abrahamson, told KGO-TV, that Alana recently reappeared in the area and reached out to Coke for help.

Alana was being held without bail. He is considered a high-risk sex offender, with state records showing he has convictions for rape and kidnapping.

Dozens of Coke's family and friends announced a $100,000 reward on Thursday for any information leading to her return.

"These last few days have been a living nightmare," said her sister, Tanya Coke, who believes foul play may be involved.

Calls to Tanya Coke on Friday were not immediately returned. Earlier, Sandra Coke's family released a statement hoping for her return.

"We are enormously grateful for the efforts of everyone - law enforcement, colleagues and friends of Sandra, and members of the public and the media - who have labored day and night - to find Sandra," the statement read.

Police found Coke's 2007 Mini Cooper convertible on Monday, just a few blocks from her home and her cellphones were discovered near the Oakland-Emeryville border and near Interstate 80 in Richmond.

As an investigator, Coke was assigned to probe capital cases that are appealed to federal court to ensure death sentences are fair.

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