Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Police released six women subjected to sexual exploitation and the youngest son of one of them

Agents of the National Police in Valencia have released six women who were sexually exploited by an organization of pimps and one son, aged eight, who retained to coerce.

The GOES agents entered the home of the detainees have found the small locked alone in a small room with no ventilation and poor hygiene . Three members of the organization have been arrested and the leader of the same has been charged after he fled to his home country, Romania.

The mother who has been released was subjected to all sorts of harassment and degrading treatment by their exploiters. Failure to obey the instructions of the pimps, the victim was beaten and coerced by her 8-year-old . The child was being held and guarded by members of the organization while the mother was forced into prostitution in public.

In an oversight of their drivers, the victim managed to escape and get to one of the stations of the National Police in Valencia, where specialized agents in the fight against trafficking in human beings for sexual exploitation lent full assistance and protection. The woman had to remain under observation at a hospital in Valencia for 24 hours as they had injuries the last physical and sexual assault made ​​to it by the leader of pimps.

Once released and assisted the victim, the Special Security Task Force (GOES) introduced the requirement for a minor release. The officers entered the home of the pimps, in Alzira (Valencia), and found the child locked alone in a room of small dimensions, without any comfort or ventilation and very unhygienic conditions .

Three members of the organization have been arrested as suspects of illegal arrest and membership of a criminal organization. In addition, the leader of the organization, which may have fled to his home country, Romania, has been charged with crimes of human trafficking for sexual exploitation, forced prostitution, illegal detention and belonging to a criminal organization .

The operation was carried out by agents of the UCRIF Territorial Unit Operations and Border Immigration Valencia Alzira Police Station, Central Brigade Combat Trafficking in Human Beings of the Commissioner General of Immigration and Borders and Groups Special Operations Security Police Headquarters of the Valencian Community, in collaboration with the Addition of Interior of Romania in Spain.

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