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Russian warships to call at Havana port

HAVANA,- A naval detachment of Russia is to call at Havana port in Cuba on Saturday for a five-day friendly visit, the Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba announced in a statement Friday.

The detachment, to be led by the missile cruiser Moskva, is comprised of vessels from the Black Sea Fleet and the North Fleet, under the guidance of Admiral Valery Kulikov.

After the visit to Cuba, the Russian warships are scheduled to visit Caracas, Venezuela, ands the port of Corinto in Nicaragua.

Cuba and Russia have a tradition of military collaboration. Russia has affirmed on several occasions that Havana is Moscow's most important traditional and strategic partner in Latin America.

Russian navy fleet docks in Cuba on friendly visit.

A flotilla of three Russian warships, led by the missile cruiser Moskva, called at the port of Havana Saturday on a friendly visit, the first such trip in four years.

The Moskva, together with Udaloy-class destroyer Vice Admiral Kulakov and a tanker, were greeted by a 21 gun-salvo salute and a naval band at the Bay of Havana.

Cuba's Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces has said the warships are here on a five-day friendly visit.

According to the schedule, crews will visit places of historical and cultural interest, and hold courtesy calls to officials and the Naval Academy Granma.

The Moskva, the flagship of Russia's Black Sea Fleet, will be open for public access on Monday morning.

Military experts say the visit demonstrates Moscow's intention to revitalize military ties with the island country in the Caribbean. In recent years, Russia has affirmed on several occasions that Havana is Moscow's most important traditional and strategic partner in Latin America.

In August 2009, the salvage tug ship Altai from Russia's Northern Fleet, paid a four-day working visit to Cuba.

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