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Small plane crashes in Vermont State,2 hurt

Small plane crashes in Vt. after police say hot air balloon fest prompted detour, 2 hurt.

MIDDLETOWN SPRINGS, Vt. — Vermont State Police say a small plane crash that left two California men with minor injuries happened because the pilot couldn’t touch down as planned because of a hot air balloon festival.

Both men suffered lacerations and the pilot had an injured wrist after Saturday’s crash in Middletown Springs.
Police say the pilot had departed from a small grass airstrip near Burlington bound for Glen Falls, N.Y., but had to turn back after spotting hot air balloons and cars on the runway. A state police report says he headed toward Rutland, Vt., to refuel but fell a couple miles short.

The Federal Aviation Administration will begin an investigation Monday.

Single-engine Cessna diverted by balloon festival runs out of fuel, crashes.
A plane destined for the Warren County Airport crashed on Route 140 Saturday morning in Vermont, injuring the pilot and passenger.

A small single-engine Cessna took off from Burlington, Vt. for Glens Falls. The pilot, 65-year-old Richard Piccirilli of Sun City, Calif., discovered upon arrival in the local area that the airport’s runway was occupied by hot air balloons for the Adirondack Balloon Festival.

He headed toward the Rutland, Vt. airport to refuel, but ran out of fuel and crashed over the Middletown Springs area just after 9:30 a.m.

Vermont State Police and Middletown Fire Department responded to the scene.

Piccirilli suffered small cuts and possibly a broken wrist and his passenger, 53-year-old David Querry of Hemet, Calif., had a large cut on his nose. The injuries were minor and not life threatening. Both men refused medical attention initially, according to police.

The plane was still intact but had significant damage to its front nose and landing gear.

Authorities do not believe drugs or alcohol were involved.

The Federal Aviation Administration was notified and will conduct an investigation beginning Monday.

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