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Smart watch steals the show

Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch: hands on review.

But there are a couple of catches to note up-front.

Since it's designed as a "companion device", it has to be paired with a smartphone to function properly. This isn't a major drawback, as other smart watches work the same way.

The second, more notable catch is that – for now – the Galaxy Gear is only compatible with the new Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition, both of which were also launched at the event. A software upgrade in October will extend the Galaxy Gear's compatibility to the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note II.

Other smart watches such the Sony SmartWatch, Pebble and WIMM One aren't tied to specific devices, and can therefore be used with any Android smartphone or tablet. This certainly limits the Galaxy Gear's appeal, but it also allows for tighter integration.

  • 1.63-inch touchscreen
  • 1.9-megapixel camera
  • 70+ apps at launch
The biggest news to come out of the Samsung Unpacked event in Germany overnight wasn't a new smartphone or tablet (although those were announced, too) but a smart watch called the Galaxy Gear.

Samsung's first entry into the nascent smart watch category offers many of the conveniences of a smartphone. You can use it to make and receive calls, send text messages, download apps and even capture photos and videos.


In the race to get ahead in the smart phone market Samsung has unveiled a new smart watch device, days ahead of Apple's release of its new iPhone.


Samsung's Galaxy Gear smart watches in a variety of colours.
Samsung's Galaxy Gear smart watches in a variety of colours. Photo: AP
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