Sunday, October 6, 2013


Immigration reform rally held in California,called "March of the Stars"

HOLLYWOOD -  The issue of immigration reform brought hundreds of people to the streets of Hollywood Saturday.

The Los Angeles demonstration called "March of the Stars" was one of several rallies held nationwide.

Organizers deemed Saturday the "National Day for Dignity and Respect". It all leads up to a rally and free concert on the National Mall in Washington Tuesday.

Their message to Congress was pass immigration reform legislation that includes a path to citizenship. Saturday's rally and march was organized by religious and immigration rights groups.

"There are millions of Americans in the United States that have been for years and are not treated equally," said Michael Schuvert of Salesians. "We really want them to be able to have a fair chance in our country and become citizens of the United States."

"We got to try our best and keep fighting forward to succeed and make this immigration reform be official law," said Vanessa Romero of the Salvadoran Association of Los Angeles.

One of the marchers was a gentleman from Honduras who told Eyewitness News he entered the country illegally more than 15 years ago.

Pedro Maldonado says he has the following message for Congress: "Tell them please, it's not only me. It's 11 million persons waiting for the same solution."

One marcher says she hopes that after the partial government shutdown is over, Congress makes immigration reform a priority.

The Alliance for Citizenship, a brad coalition of organizations that includes the AFL-CIO, the ACLU, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, is driving the mobilization.

Twenty cities in California were staging different events Saturday to show their support.

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