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$200,000 On Daily Helicopter Rides For Fort Hood Shooter, 'Unnecessary Funds Were Spent'

base in 2009 has made 21 different requests in the Texas jail he was being held at while awaiting trial, according to the Associated Press.

An NBC News investigation reported an exuberant amount of funds spent on Hasan's case alone by the military.

A guard was paid to watch Hasan 12 hours a day while he lived in a cell usually occupied by more than three inmates alone, the AP reported. The cost of daily helicopter rides from the jail to the Fort Hood courthouse during his jail time was $200,000 each time.

John Galligan who is Hasan's civil attorney called the amount of funds spent by the American government on his case an "overkill," the AP reported. Hasan is now on death row in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Hasan was held at the Bell County Jail for almost four years before this past August when convicted and sentenced to death, the AP reported.

"I mean, it's just a bunch of overkill," Galligan told NBC, the AP reported. "Overreach. Unnecessary funds that were spent."

Among his other requests, Hasan asked to know where the cheese in his sandwiches were made and asked for a bible and someone knowledgeable in the area to whom he could ask "difficult" questions, according to the AP.

Records obtained by NBC 5 Investigates show nearly $5 million dollars in expenses, including millions in travel for government lawyers, fees paid to expert witnesses, vehicles and cell phones purchased and major security renovations at the base, NBC reported.

"It looked like Gitmo - it was a rat maze. I mean it was all overkill," said Galligan.

According to the army, the costs and expenses were "necessary" to protect Hasan, but Galligan stated "the Army always justifies this under the rubric of security," according to NBC.

Hasan's attorney also stated that though the Army spent massive funds on expenses with the case, the Army did little in aiding Hasan's basic needs, like assistance for bathroom usage after Hasan became paraplegic during the shooting, NBC reported.

The NBC report also states the Army spent thousands of dollars setting up an office for Hasan after he said he would defend himself though after all his time preparing and the funds spent on the office he did not bring one witness to the stand.
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