Sunday, January 19, 2014


Federal forces arrest 38 in Michoacán in the last week

Almost a week after the Convention was signed by the Safety Authority, federal forces have taken over 27 municipalities around the area of ​​Tierra Caliente.

TIERRA CALIENTE, Mich. January 19-A about a week of that Convention for the Safety of Michoacán was signed, federal forces have taken over 27 municipalities around the region of Tierra Caliente , have arrested 38 people for various offenses, also was freed five kidnap victims.

Today federal forces freed three people in the city were being Peribán virtual kidnapping victims ... were traced and in the town of Aquila two people who were bound and gagged as the product of another kidnapping, "said Monte Rubido, Executive Secretary of the NPSS.

At a press conference on Sunday, the Executive Secretary of the National Security System said that three of the detainees, alleged cartel leaders operating in the region, were located in Caleta de Campos municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas and made available to the SEIDO.

Aquilano José González Valencia, 53 years old, Pedro Lara Silva, 31 years old, originating in Hawk and Jesus Vasquez ... they were secured four long arms one Granada 23 cartridges, cell phones and drugs, "he said.

Monte Alejandro Rubido noted its belief that security issues do not accept politicization, ruled some negotiation with the paramilitary disarmament around said raised not have violence against clerics.

It is possible that sites are set against this type of situation the rule of law must prevail in all circumstances, "he added.

He said that to restore security and tranquility in the municipalities of Tierra Caliente is necessary to give the heads of criminals operating in the area, so working on your in your location. Surveillance measures continue permanently.
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