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Found body Participant "Voice Mexico",David Martiz Gibran

David Martiz Gibran was reported missing on January 7, who has since been hijacked.

R.I.P. Gibran Martiz David Diaz

The Attorney General of Veracruz reported that it was found in the entity body of Gibran Martiz David Diaz, a participant of the television program "La Voz Mexico."

Through a statement reported that security elements performed on Saturday in an operating-Rabbits Huatusco road where repelled an assault and killed two attackers.

Subsequently, an inspection in the area, located the bodies of two people dead, among them David Martiz Gibran Diaz said Attorney General Justice, Felipe Amadeo Flores Espinosa.

Early research established that Martiz Diaz, and a person whose identity has been kept under the provisions of law, who were reported missing on Jan. 7, would have been deprived of life by the two individuals who moments before were killed by elements of security.

It was in response to a citizen complaint that toured elements and 98 kilometer track heard detonations, so went into the country road leading to the community Veal, detecting two vehicles which were marked high, same as not complied, firing against the security forces, who fired back striking down the attackers, said the prosecutor.

After the elements were carried out an inspection in the area and 60 meters were located the two people dead.

When staff arrived place Attorney General to certify the facts and proceeded to take bodies to carry out the procedures established by law.

Were seized two vehicles reported as stolen in the State of Mexico, and within which four rifles, four short, four holsters, 105 rounds of ammunition and two bags with about a kilo of green grass, apparently marijuana, were found to were made available to the appropriate authority.
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