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Arrested former mayor of Chiapas by millionaire fraud

According to the audit conducted by the Supervisory Body Superior State Congress of 49 million 328 thousand 458 pesos is the total resources diverted.

The Chiapas Attorney reported that during the last hours, Ricardo Pérez Pérez, former mayor of Ixtapa, was arrested for embezzlement of more than 49 million pesos during his tenure in 2008-2010.

Perez is the former official is number 13 accused of the same crime. In 2012, 10 former mayors and a former trustee were denounced by the Supreme Audit Body (OFS) of the state legislature. A similar case occurred in 2013, with no convictions to date are known.

As in the previous cases, Ricardo Perez was arrested after the SFO proceed against him, says the PGJ, as it would have committed the crimes of embezzlement, unlawful exercise of public service and criminal association.

"The OSF noted that the accused did not submit the Public Accounts for the fiscal year 2010 it was forced to surrender in April of 2011, in accordance with the Supreme Audit Law of the State of Chiapas," says PGE, through a statement.

The total of the alleged diversion of funds reaches the amount of 49 million 328 thousand 458 pesos, depending on the outcome of the audit conducted by the SFO, whose staff was presented to testify before the Public Ministry.

In 2013, Emmanuel Nivón González, former mayor of Tapachula and former candidate for governor of the state by the National Action Party, was arrested on charges of death threats against the chief of police of the municipality, and, additionally a process for embezzlement 69 billion during his tenure as mayor, however, unofficial sources confirm that is currently free.

Previously, in late 2012, 10 ex mayors and municipal trustee were arrested, the last Esau Joseph Guzman Morales, Tuxtla Chico, after the SFO to audit the fiscal years 2010 and 2011.
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