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Receive financial support in exchange for weapons

A 11-day installation module, staff of the Ministry of National Defense has awarded 470 thousand pesos in food stamps and received more than 43 000 500 ammunition.

By installing a module in the Plaza Zaragoza, established by the city of Monterrey in coordination with personnel from the Department of National Defence, we have collected 69 guns in exchange for food stamps.

According to information provided by the Department of Communication at Monterrey, 11 days installed this module, the on-site staff has delivered 470 thousand pesos in food stamps.

According to the informative part have received 43 thousand 526 and 282 ammunition magazines, plus 46 handguns, one of the exclusive use of the Army, 22 long guns, plus 14 bulletproof vests. As for weapons coaching in the 11 day 246 handguns and 23 long they were received.

The members of this module invited the public to go to the site and deliver the weapons they have.

Daily have installed metal cutting machine to destroy the weapons arriving.

In addition, 118 children gave war toys and in return received a football.

In March 2013, the municipality of Monterrey developed the first edition of this program, with the intention of removing firearms in their possession ordinary citizens and thereby avoid regrettable incidents.

So far, four editions of this program has delivered about 2 million in food stamps and 2000 622 balls.

It was reported that the module will stay in Zaragoza Square, opposite the town hall, until March 31 with hours from 9:00 to 17:00.

"The donation is made without legal responsibility, respecting the anonymity of persons and weaponry is destroyed in the presence of donor or sent to the Secretary of Defense, as the case" quoted a statement by the municipality.

The amounts established for the trade of weapons and ammunition by food coupons are:

For long gun, ie, rifle, rifle, shotgun, rifle, etc., one thousand dollars granted, by handgun exclusive use of the Armed Forces, 750 pesos, by handgun, non-exclusive use of the Army, 500 pesos, while the payment vouchers for long or short coaching gun is 300 pesos. For every 100 cartridges of any caliber, payment is 300 pesos, and for every Granada depending on your condition, you pay 100 to 500 pesos.
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