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USTC detected submarine aircraft crashed into the sea events may associated #MH370

'Seismic Event' Close to Missing Jet Path: China Scientists.
A “seismic event” consistent with an airplane crash has been detected on the sea floor close to where missing Malaysia Airline lost contact with air traffic control on Saturday, Chinese scientists said Friday.

The signal detected by two stations in Malaysia appeared to indicate that a small tremor occurred on the floor of the sea at 2:55 a.m. about 95 miles south of Vietnam, the scientists said in a statement posted on the website of the University of Science and Technology of China.

"It was a non-seismic zone, therefore judging from the time and location of the event, it might be related to the missing MH370 flight," said the statement. “If it was indeed an airplane crashing into the sea, the seismic wave strength indicated that the crash process was catastrophic.”

The area where the tremor was detected about 70 miles from where the Boeing 777 was last heard from, and 85 minutes after the jet carrying 239 people lost contact, according to South China Morning Post newspaper.
A map of a “seismic event” consistent with an airplane crash on the sea floor close to where missing Malaysia Airlines jet lost contact with air traffic control was released by Chinese scientists on Friday. The black star indicates where the plane lost contact, the red star where the event was detected and the blue triangles show the locations of seismic monitors. The black waves on the bottom right of the map show recording of the seismic event.
Satellite images from China on Wednesday appeared to show possible crash debris but it later emerged that a search of the area had found no sign of the plane, and Malaysia officials said the pictures had been released by "mistake."

China is known to be impatient over the lack of progress in the investigation.

There has been no trace of the jet or sign of wreckage despite a search by the navies and military aircraft of more than a dozen countries across Southeast Asia.

On Thursday, the White House said that an additional search area for the missing flight may be opened in the Indian Ocean, significantly broadening the potential location of the plane.

USTC detected submarine aircraft crashed into the sea events may associated with #MH370


University of Science and Technology of China Earthquake Physics Laboratory and the internal temperature of the Earth Star Alliance research group detected a submarine incident at the junction of the waters between Malaysia and Vietnam. The incident occurred in local time at 2:55:06 on March 8, 2014, one of two possible locations at latitude 7 degrees 25 minutes east longitude 104 degrees 30 minutes, from the date of Malaysia MH370 Flights to Beijing last loss Union takes about a half hour (1:30), the last place lost to the northeast about 116 kilometers (72 miles). The sea was no earthquake zone, therefore, according to the time and place of the occurrence of two events judgment submarine detected events may be Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight crashed into the sea caused.
  Star Alliance temperature detected in the two study groups within Malaysia seismograph records the event in the seabed, and the use of the seismic signal for positioning. Two research groups use direct compression wave station go jet lag and shear waves and compression stations each wave travel time difference to locate the event location. March 8, 2014 MH370 flights to Beijing lost to Malaysia so far, although each country using various means warships, aircraft, satellites have been searching, still no news. If detected in the study group USTC submarine incident plane plunged into the event indeed, the excitation intensity of seismic waves indicate that the aircraft into the sea during the last disastrous.

Black five-pointed star is March 8, 2014 Malaysia MH370 flight to Beijing lost contact position; red five-pointed star is detected seabed event location; blue triangle seismic stations (due to weak signal, only two distance events The nearest station clearly identifiable seismic phases). Black waveform is observed seismograms, shear waves and compression waves marked with S and P, respectively. Pink circles under the shear waves and compression waves stations may take the position determined by the difference of the event, and the purple curve under compression waves may go directly to the position of the two stations to determine the difference events; purple and pink circles location at the junction of the curve to determine the submarine incident (blue circle is the place of the error range).

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