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"Apparently the students were already found" Mojica Morga slides

The 43 students of the Normal Raúl Isidro Burgos Rural Ayotzinapa, missing since September 26 in Iguala, "apparently already been found and authorities are just waiting for the perfect moment to deliver them," revealed Secretary of Social Development, Beatriz Mojica Morga.

In telephone link, he hoped that Guerrero could get ahead "in these dire situation is."

"We do not have eggs, but brain and heart....."

Then highlight what he called "misogynistic attitude" of those who opposed his appointment as acting governor, the state official said that it while "I do not have eggs because I am a woman, I do have the courage to face the problems of the state, as That is the subject of heart and brain which in his case are well placed. "

One of the delicate and that she would face if the "three misogynistic politicians (Armando Rios Piter, David Jimenez Rumbo de la Rosa and Sebastian)," had not vetoed, subjects were searching for the 43 missing normalistas quite some month, and now, "apparently students and found and are waiting (the authorities) the time to announce it."

The official did not want to delve deeper into the issue or provide more data, because everything is handled with secrecy, he hinted, but that and could face a woman, which in his case was vetoed by political revenge, and said that the see in 2015 year in which they no longer decide three characters, but all of Guerrero.

As an institutional policy, expressed in issue Medley government will cooperate with the president Rogelio Ortega Martínez, as is outstanding as rebuilding Guerrero issues, "we must defend our citizens, and we will support the governor, by course. "

He returned to veto that was subject recalled that Guerrero want justice and peace, development and a lot of sensitivity, qualities that only women have, and as circumstance would be shelved, as from now, would fight for his party's nomination for governor, "prove that we can do things that men have done so much better now."

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