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Police: Off-duty Arlington cop crashed into fence, fled

An off-duty Arlington police officer is accused of crashing into and knocking down part of a family's fence, and then speeding away.

The driver, Adam Rozneck, has since been placed on administrative leave.

Police say they were called to a home Thursday night in the 2900 block of Little Road regarding a car that that had hit a backyard fence.

After hitting the fence, the homeowner, Connie Smith, says Rozneck left.

Smith's husband immediately got into his car and found Rozneck in his car about a quarter-mile away.

The Smiths say Rozneck was acting strangely and say they told police they thought he might be under the influence of something.

“There was reasonable suspicion to think alcohol may've been involved,” said Lt. Chris Cook with the Arlington Police Department. “And so we brought in a specialized unit. As you know, we have a DWI unit. They arrived on scene, they conducted that portion of the investigation. It was determined that he was not intoxicated.”

Police say Rozneck wasn't arrested because the case only involves property damage and is still under investigation.

There are two separate but parallel investigations into Rozneck – one criminal and one administrative.

Rozneck has been with the Arlington Police Department for two years.

Dallas News | myFOXdfw.com
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