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Thousands march on Downing Street calling for Cameron to quit over his tax revelations

Thousands march on Downing Street calling for Cameron to quit over his tax revelations:Under-fire PM agrees to publish his returns amid Panama Papers scandal.
 Thousands of protesters have marched on Downing Street calling for David Cameron to quit in the wake of revelations about his tax affairs.

The embattled Prime Minister was accused of 'hypocrisy' after he finally admitted profiting from more than £30,000 in an offshore tax haven.

After days of pressure, Mr Cameron acknowledged he had benefited from a controversial fund set up by his late father Ian.

In the wake of that extraordinary interview, thousands lined Whitehall today urging Mr Cameron to 'go now'.
 Protesters - many wearing Panama hats - arrived at Downing Street carrying placards saying 'he's got to go', 'time to go chum' and 'Eton's mess'. 

A huge pig with the Prime Minister's face emblazoned on the front was hoisted into the air above the crowd who chanted 'David Cameron must resign / Tax evasion is a crime'.

Events started at 11am and around 2,000 people are expected at Downing Street over the course of the day.

The protests are being organised around the hashtags 'Resign Cameron' and 'Close tax loopholes', and have gained support from high-profile figures Edward Snowden and Lily Allen. 

Speaking to Sun Online, the pop singer said: 'I think he's been dishonest and the trust has gone.

'I just think it's really important that young people take more of an interest in politics so that's why I'm here really. I think lots of people in my position don't because they're scared of the repercussions.'
 Protesters drew inspiration from events in Iceland when huge pressure from furious protesters forced Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson to resign after it was revealed his family had sheltered money offshore as the country was almost brought to its knees during the 2008 financial crash. 

They also descended on the Tory Spring Conference at the Grand Connaught rooms and four lines of police had to block the entrance to the building.

The organiser of the Downing Street protest, freelance writer Abi Wilkinson, told BBC Radio 5 the bombshell revelations raised questions about Mr Cameron's commitment to tackling tax avoidance.

She said: 'The thing that really made us think we had to get out and protest was the news that, in 2013 when the EU were trying to crack down on offshoring and tax avoidance, he stepped in and actually weakened what they were trying to do.'

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