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Big Updates for Yahoo Mail Apps: Stationery! Enhanced links! Supercharged contacts!

Yahoo Mail
Big Updates for Yahoo Mail Apps


By Josh Jacobson, Director, Product Management

We know how important it is for you to be able to navigate your contacts effectively and share compelling emails with your friends, family and coworkers. So we’re bringing fresh new features to Yahoo Mail for iOS and Android.

What’s new? On iOS, find a new look for blue links, easier sharing and artist-made stationery, courtesy of Paperless Post. On Android, we’re introducing a complete directory of all of the people you interact with, bringing back contact syncing with your device and launching an Open Beta!

New for iOS: Sharing is Caring

You’ve shared that the below are some of your favorite features on desktop, so we’re bringing them to mobile!

Link Preview

The next time you want to send an article or webpage, we’ll convert that blue link into a visual, informative card that gives recipients a snapshot of what you’re sending right in their email. You can even choose whether you send the enhanced preview card in the middle of your email or below, at the bottom of your note. Plus, if you receive the enhanced link, you can easily share it on Facebook, Twitter and more.


We know how much you love sending stationery, courtesy of Paperless Post, in web mail on desktop, so we’re making stationery themes available in the Mail app. To personalize your emails, simply tap on the compose assist button (+), select the stationery icon and choose from dozens of stationery designs including Floral, Thank You, Happy Birthday themes and more!

Share Button

Now you can share content directly via Yahoo Mail. Just click the share button and choose the Yahoo Mail app icon. Whether you want to send pictures and videos from the Photos app, a link from a web browser or text from your notes, you’ll have an email started with whatever you’re sharing included.

The new features, as well as the ability to rename accounts and mailboxes, are available today in the Yahoo Mail app for iOS (4.4) around the world.

Android Updates: It’s All About People

A Complete Directory

Starting today, we’re bringing you one place to find all of the people you interact with. Just go to the “People” Smart View (in the sidebar) and click “see all contacts”. This will take you to a list of all of the people you’ve communicated with, which you can browse and edit. And of course, you can still also find someone you’ve emailed through search and view their details by tapping their picture (or initials) in your inbox.

Contact Sync

As many of you have requested, we’ll now sync your Yahoo Address Book contacts and your Android device’s contacts . This will be off by default, but you can turn it on in your Android device’s sync settings.

Open Beta

That’s right, we’re starting an open beta! If you want to try out new and experimental features before other Yahoo Mail users, opt in here. Your participation and feedback will help us make Yahoo Mail better, faster and more stable.

There’s More

You may notice some other small changes in this update, including new animations (try deleting or starring a message!) and a congratulatory message when you hit inbox zero. These features are rolling out to you today, just be sure to update your Yahoo Mail app on Android to the latest version (5.5).

As always, don’t forget to share your feedback – just go to Settings and tap “Send Feedback.”

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