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Fears rise for the 2016 Rio Olympics as Brazil plunges into political chaos

With the Olympics rapidly approaching, fears are being raised over the future of the Rio Games 2016 as Brazil plunges into political turmoil.

Protesters clashed with police in the streets this week after the South American country took the historic vote to oust its current president, Dilma Rousseff, over corruption charges.

With the world's top athletes, along with thousands of spectators, descending on Rio in less than three months, interim President Michel Temer has been quick to assure his country, and the world, that he intends to pull Brazil 'out of crisis.'

'It's urgent to pacify the nation and unify the country,' he said. 'It's urgent for us to form a government of national salvation, to pull this country out of the serious crisis in which we find ourselves.'

One of his first actions as President was to appoint a new sports minister - the second in two months and the fourth in two years - to try and get the Olympics preparations back on track.

Leonardo Picciani will be the new point of contact for the event's international organizers who have had growing concerns about Rio 2016.

'This will at least give Olympic organizers someone to talk to,' said Sergio Praca, a Brazilian who studies politics at the Getulio Vargas Foundation. 'This lack of command is very bad.'

Fears for the Olympics as Brazil plunges into political chaos: Riot police clash with activists on streets as acting president installs SECOND sports minister in two months.

Brazil is facing political turmoil after a vote to impeach its president - sparking fierce protests.

Interim president Michel Temer was quick to assure the world that he intends to pull Brazil 'out of crisis'.

His first move was to appoint a new sports minister - the second in two months and the fourth in two years - to get the Olympics back on track.

But Brazil is still facing deepest recession since the 1930s, and is at the epicenter of the mosquito-borne Zika virus.

Country is also gripped by a $3 billion Petrobras corruption scandal.

Federal senator and former soccer hero Romario said it was 'undeniable that Brazil is in a very serious crisis'

There was some good news; a team of IOC inspectors made their final official visit to Rio a month ago, saying things were in place.

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