Friday, May 27, 2016


Justin Bieber sued for alleged plagiarism and Skrillex folk song "Sorry"

The singer accused Casey Dienel artists copy a recognized female chorus that play repeatedly on the issue of Canadian.

Apparently Justin Bieber should apologize for his hit song "Sorry". The popular song, released in 2015 and produced by the musician Skrillex, was accused of plagiarism by singer Casey Dienel, better known as White Hinterland.

According to the specialized site Variety, the American interpreter filed a lawsuit against the creators of the hit to use a "distinctive and unique female vocal accompaniment" of his single "Ring the Bell" released in 2014.

"The writers, producers and performers 'Sorry' not obtained a license to exploit my job and neither had my permission," Dienel said in a posting on his Facebook page.

A demand the authors of the theme White Hinterland, Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter and Michael Tucker joined.

"After the premiere of 'Sorry' my lawyers sent him to Bieber a letter accusing the offense, but the team Bieber again chose to ignore me. I offered to team Bieber an opportunity to have a private dialogue about this infringement but they refused even to acknowledge my claim, despite the obviousness of the subject matter, "he added the singer in the social network.

"Sorry" it belongs to the latest album called Canadian Purpose . The issue was more than seven weeks at number one on the Billboard chart.

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