Saturday, May 28, 2016


Milan: Only hours away from the Champions League final in the San Siro #UCLfinal

Today is the day!

Are you excited!

Zidane has won the #UCLFinal as a player in 2002

As an asst manager in 2014

Will he win it as a manager tonight?

 Difference between the two teams =the difference is in the manager! #UCLfinal

            Zidane under scrutiny

Zinedine Zidane could become the seventh man to win the Champions League/European Cup as a player and a manager

Guiding your team into the Champions League final less than five months into your first managerial job at senior level is no mean achievement.

And when you consider Zinedine Zidane also reignited Real Madrid's previously faltering La Liga challenge by finishing the season with 12 straight victories - including a 2-1 triumph over arch-rivals Barcelona - you might think the French coach had already earned himself job security.

The soap opera life at the Bernabeu, however, has seen Zidane face questions over his future in virtually every news conference he has held in recent weeks.

At probably any other club, Zidane's future would be assured, because he has done an excellent job since taking over from much-maligned predecessor Rafa Benitez in January.

Interestingly, the key turning point came at the end of February when Zidane suffered his first defeat as Real manager, a dispiriting 1-0 home loss against none other than Atletico.

Real's tame performance in that encounter sparked a significant reaction from the recently-appointed coach, who immediately installed defensive midfielder Casemiro into his starting line-up, injecting much-needed strength and solidity into the centre of the pitch.

Casemiro has become fundamental to Zidane's Real, his physical attributes and tactical awareness providing support for the back four and giving the team better balance.

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