Monday, May 16, 2016


The cruise ship that makes Titanic look a minnow docks in Britain

Tens of thousands watched from the shore and from a multitude of little boats as she left Saint-Nazaire in Brittany yesterday.

The ship’s three pilots have been trained on simulators to cope with the job of manoeuvring her into port.

Getting lost is not an issue because you are given GPS-style wristbands that track your whereabouts. If little Johnny wanders into the Bionic Bar and orders a double mojito or wants to vanish into the Adults-only Solarium, his parents will quickly be alerted.

There are 16 restaurants, including Jamie’s Italian — and Jamie Oliver himself will be on board for the first official sailing on May 22.

One restaurant is called Wonderland and is themed on Alice In Wonderland. Built on two floors, it invites you to ‘venture down the rabbit hole’ and then pick from the ‘molecular’ menu (in other words, a clever fusion of science and cooking), where instead of courses you order from categories — ‘fire, ice, earth, water and dreams’.

Swimming pools are everywhere, in all shapes and sizes, with three water slides (one features a huge champagne bowl that whizzes guests around before dispatching them through the final flume). This is in the Perfect Storm zone near Splashaway Bay, where younger children can, well, splash away.

In the 1,300-seater main theatre, there will be West End performances of Grease, and the indoor ice rink should be a good place to cool off if the excitement becomes too intense elsewhere.

New York’s Central Park is on board, with more than 10,000 trees and plants, flanked by shops ranging from Kate Spade and Bulgari to Cartier and Hublot.

Size matters on the Harmony Of The Seas. Less is never more.

Harmony Of The Seas is a 1,188 foot and 227,000-ton cruise ship - the newest and biggest the world has ever seen.

Worth £800m, it boasts the Ultimate Abyss - the tallest slide at sea - as well as seven separate ‘neighbourhoods’.

Stood on its stern the ship would soar above the Shard, the Eiffel Tower and the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai.

It is 330 ft longer than the Titanic, and can carry a human cargo of 8,880 including 2,100 crew from 77 countries.

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