Monday, May 16, 2016


Twitter 140 character limit would ease to share images or links

The social network, which last year had already eliminated the fee for private messages, could apply the change to the end of May.

While rumors about the end of character limit that applies to your public Twitter messages have circulated for months , media reports indicate that the social network could eventually apply the change this month for messages that meet certain requirements . Twitter, which last year took the first step by removing quota characters for private messages , would have on their plans apply the change to the limit is more flexible in messages where images or links are shared, as reported by Bloomberg.

Hyperlinks and image paths not enter into the count carried out by the platform before posting messages, increasing the "shelf space" for writing the tweets. the change could occur later this month, a report that medium, citing a source close to the matter. Twitter, however, declined to comment.

The San Francisco company would seek thus increase the number of people registered to publish or communicate effectively through service, a figure that has stagnated in recent times. Months ago, its chief executive, Jack Dorsey, said the company simplify its product in an effort to attract new users.

"We believe there are many opportunities in our product to repair some damage that we know are inhibiting growth , " Dorsey said during a press conference following the release of financial results. Analysts have said that flexilizar the limit of 140 characters, whose origin is in mobile messaging, could increase the use of this network, as more and more people communicate through photos, videos and links.

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