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Van Gaal reacts to FA Cup success: Read what Louis van Gaal had to say after ...#MUFC


Manchester United lifted the FA Cup for the 12th time after an extra-time victory over Crystal Palace at Wembley - and Louis van Gaal was naturally delighted.

Here is what the manager had to say in his post-match interview with MUTV...

On the balance of play:
“In the first half we played a good match I think, we created six chances and didn’t score and they have created two chances. In the second half it was more even I have to admit but we were the attacking team. We hit the post and the bar."

On overcoming setbacks:
"We had two injuries [Rashford and Rojo]. It was the same story as in the season – a lot of injuries. Then we went down to 10 players but we showed again the team spirit that we showed on the way to this final. We have scored in the last minute two times, we were behind against West Ham United and came back. And now we are behind and coming back to win even with 10 players. We can’t forget that we played Tuesday evening and Crystal Palace didn’t which can make a big difference when you have to play 120 minutes.”

On Jesse Lingard’s winning goal:
“Yes it was a fantastic goal and a special moment. You don’t see them too much. I had a lucky hand I believe.”

On coming from behind in the game:
“We were 1-0 down with 15 minutes to go and still we have to believe until the end. We showed your MUTV film to the players [before the match]. I said we fight until the end, against the odds, never giving up. When you play with 10 against 11 it is very difficult but we did it.”

On what the cup means to him:
“A lot because that was my aim. My aim was the experience of English football, English culture and to bring a title to Manchester United in spite of the transition that we have to make. I’m very happy because I’ve done it in four countries and I don’t think many other managers can say this. It [feels] unbelievable.”

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