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Jarrett Wade Of Virginia On Facebook: ‘RIP My N**** Omar Mateen — We’ll Finish What You Started’

The name “Jarrett Wade” and the search term “Jarrett Wade Virginia” is getting plenty of attention on social media. Facebook reports that Jarrett’s name is a popular search term with more than 63,000 people talking about Wade on the social networking site. More than 32,000 people are talking about Wade, according to Facebook, when one factors in the Virginia state name.

Warning: The below photo from the Instagram and Facebook page of Jarrett Wade contains language that might be disturbing to some viewers.

That’s because Jarrett allegedly made a scary Facebook threat that had people in Virginia up in arms and contacting their local authorities, reports NBC 12. According to the publication and screenshots of Wade’s Facebook account that are spreading across social media like Facebook itself, Wade sympathized with Omar Mateen.
Instead of expressing outrage that Omar would shoot and kill 49 people in the Pulse Orlando gay nightclub, Wade allegedly published a post on Facebook that wished Mateen would rest in peace — and that Jarrett and unnamed others would finish the carnage that Mateen started.

“RIP my n**** Omar Mateen we’ll finish what you started.”
As expected, such a horrible Facebook post appearing on Facebook a short time after the horrific tragedy in Orlando caused plenty of people to react swiftly. At least one person took a screenshot of the post from Jarrett’s Facebook page, which includes a photo of Mateen below the threatening words. The Halifax County Sheriff’s Office took notice of the threat and tried to put the public’s mind to rest in Virginia by posting that they were aware of Wade’s words on Facebook.

On the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, a post about Jarrett does not mention Wade by name but reports that they know about the threat that Jarrett allegedly made via Facebook.

“Law enforcement authorities are aware of the circulating social media post of an individual making a threat regarding the recent tragedy in Orlando, FL. The nature of this threat is very serious and please be assured that this incident is under investigation by law enforcement. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s concerns.”
As seen in the above screenshot from Wade’s Facebook account, the threatening photo from Jarrett’s account came from an Instagram page. At the time Wade allegedly posted the photo and someone took the screenshot of the Facebook page, the Facebook post from Wade had received four likes and 10 comments. As Instagram users know, the Instagram app allows people to upload photos and share the same photo to their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages.

A search for Jarrett via Google reveals a Jarrett Wade (@jarrett_wade22) Instagram account that appears initially to have been deleted, but probably just experienced a name change. A search for Wade via the Instagram app reveals a Jarrett_Wade_22 account that is private. Neither of these Instagram accounts has been verified as belonging to the Wade that allegedly made the threats.

The Jarrett Wade Facebook account featured in photos shown on Facebook shows that he attended Halifax County Middle School and lives in Clover, Virginia. Wade’s professional skills are listed as “weed-smoking.”
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