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Chelsea Clinton wants to know how Ivanka’s dad will secure equal pay for women

Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton have always been friendly, which means this election season will be a true test of their acquaintanceship. Previous reports have theorized the two are stillon good terms, but after Ivanka Trump delivered a speech at the Republican National Convention alleging her father cares deeply about enacting women-friendly policies such as equal pay and family leave, Chelsea Clinton called bullshit.

During a Facebook Live event, Clinton wasasked by a moderator, "If you got to ask [Ivanka] a question about how her father would [fight for equal pay and make child-care accessible], what would it be?" and she didn't hesitate before saying, "It would be that question: 'How would your father do that?'"

"It's not something that he has spoken about, there are no policies on any of those fronts that you just mentioned on his website — not last week, [and] not this week," Clinton pointed out. "So I think the 'how' question is super important in politics as it is in life."

She went on to contrast Trump's stance to her mother's, saying, "It really matters to me that my mom in this election consistently has told you how she is going to do everything, whether that's on gun control or protecting a woman's right to choose or any of the things we've talked about. She also tells you how she's going to pay for it. It's something I hope would matter to that traditional Republican voter."

She's right, of course — in Trump's historically long speech at the Republican National Convention last week, he madealmost no mention of specific policies, let alone how those policies will be enacted and funded. Ivanka might be cautiously optimistic when she imagines a Trump presidency in which equal pay becomes a reality, but that won't be enough to save us from her dad.

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