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The Perry band show in Maryland was postponed over a "security concern."

Police are asking for help finding two men who they said made threatening comments before the country music group The Band Perry was scheduled to play Sunday at a Selbyville, Del., venue. The sold-out concert was postponed because of the incident.

The men made the statements at about 2:55 p.m. to an employee at the Americana Bayside Welcome Center, Delaware State Police Master Cpl. Gary Fournier said in a statement. The area is near The Freeman Stage at Bayside, where the band was set to play at 7:30 p.m.

Fournier said “due to heightened security concerns and for the safety of the public” it was decided the show would be canceled. Officials have not indicated what the men said.

Operators of the venue in a statement said organizers met with state and local authorities and the band’s management and decided to call off the show. It was rescheduled to Aug. 17. Those who had bought tickets also can get refunds.

About 2,400 people were expected at the venue, an open-air performing arts space that opened in summer 2008.
The Band Perry on social media in a post to fans said, "While we are sad we don't get to see you tonight, we love you and consider your well-being and security our top priority. We'll see you soon."
The cancellation was announced about 15 minutes before opening act Melissa Alesi took the stage, said Alyson Cunningham, spokeswoman for the Joshua M. Freeman Foundation, which organized the concert.

Cunningham said officials would not talk about the nature of the threat and referred questions to police. Fournier said specific details will not be released to avoid jeopardizing the investigation.

State Police on Monday released surveillance photos of two white men they said made the statements, one wearing a green T-shirt and shorts, and the other wearing a purple T-shirt and blue shorts. Police said they are between 20 and 30 years old.

Delaware State Police:two men who authorities said made threatening comments at the Americana Bayside Welcome Center in Selbyville on Monday are shown.
A concert with the Band Perry was later canceled because of the comments,police said.
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