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Terrifying moment migrants armed with bats hold up UK-bound driver

Terrifying moment migrants armed with BATS hold up a UK-bound lorry driver in the middle of a Calais road to allow refugees to climb aboard.

Trucker Marc Mombaerts told VTM News: 'If I give dared put our foot down, they immediately made ​​it clear that they would strike the windshield.'

The footage came to light on the same day a UK-bound Sudanese migrant was murdered and 15 others seriously injured during a 'hugely violent' fight. 

This was said to have taken place between rival gangs competing to get on board lorries.

Referring to the death in Marck, around four miles east of Calais, an investigating source said: 'As two gangs from Sudan and Afghanistan competed to get on to the motorway to stop the lorries, a fight broke out.'

In July, another murder probe was launched after a migrant was hacked to death and another six badly wounded during a gang fight next to the so-called 'Jungle' refugee camp.

Previously, lorry drivers have warned that it is just a matter of time before a motorist is also killed unless security is improved. 

Earlier this month a migrant armed with a chainsaw threatened a driver.

The Jungle has a population of 9,000.

Sami, an Eritrean who has been living in there for six months, said that the camp can be quite tense and that conflicts can quickly start.

He told local paper Nord Littoral: 'There are people who come from different countries who do not speak the same language.

'That creates tensions, particularly in the queues for food. I have seen conflicts start there; you're more likely to get meal if you're big and strong.' 

  • Flemish trucker Marc Mombaerts had way to Calais blocked by branches
  • Gang of men waved bats as migrants climbed into the back of the lorry
  • Incident comes after UK-bound Sudanese migrant was murdered in fight 
  • Said to have been between rival gangs competing to get on board lorries
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