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Lucia Mendez cancels concert due to health problems

The singer and actress Lucia Mendez, canceled the concert that was scheduled today in the state of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.  The information was released this morning, because the Mexican - born Guanajuato, received medical attention on Saturday in Los Angeles, California. 

A press release revealed that Lucia had everything ready for his next show, but unfortunately could not attend. In response, the producer also 61 asked her friends Maria Conchita Alonso and Torres Manoela the support supplementing it in the event. 

Meanwhile, the site shows "TV Notas" shared a medical document, where an alleged Gastritis box is revealed. It should be noted that the medical diagnosis made at the Medical Clinic of the Sacred Heart # 2 in California, said that the singer should return to work tomorrow (September 4).

His real name is Lucia Mendez Perez Leticia.He was born on January 26, 1955. In addition to being a singer and actress, is also an entrepreneur. 

As an actress and singer was released in the early seventies, and still in force after four decades of career. 

In addition, she was named in 1972 as "The face of El Heraldo de Mexico" , one of the most important newspapers of those years.  From that moment arose proposals to enter the world of soap operas.

In the same period, he made ​​his first television appearance alongside another Mexican Angelica Maria in "Italian Girl comes to marry."  His first major soap opera character was in "Paloma", with Andres Garcia and Ofelia Medina. 

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