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Queen shows who's boss as she chauffeurs Kate around her Scottish estate

I’m still in the driving seat, Kate! Queen proves she is still in control as she chauffeurs her granddaughter-in-law around her Scottish estate.

She may be 90, but the Queen proved yesterday that she still takes the controls when it comes to family gatherings at her beloved Scottish estate.

The monarch played chauffeur to her granddaughter-in-law Kate – relegating their security guards to the back seat.

Dressed in a casual sleeveless jacket, she drove the Duchess of Cambridge – or the Countess of Strathearn as she is known north of the border – to a picnic lunch with Prince William in the hills above Loch Muick on the Balmoral estate.
  • Queen drove the Duchess of Cambridge through the Balmoral estate
  • The monarch was driving Kate to picnic lunch with Prince William 
  • Kate looked happy and relaxed in khaki coat and patterned scarf
The Queen drove the Duchess of Cambridge to a picnic lunch with Prince William in the hills above Loch Muick on the Balmoral estate.

William and Kate have been staying at Prince Charles’s private Birkhall residence with Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

remarkable picture illustrates just how close the pair have become in recent years – and how much they enjoy each other’s company.

A smiling Kate looked happy and relaxed as she sat in the front passenger seat of the dark green Range Rover in a khaki coat and patterned scarf.
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