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Donald Trump rushed off stage after someone yells 'gun'.

Donald Trump rushed off stage after someone yells 'gun'.

Donald Trump was dramatically bustled off stage by Secret Service agents over fears a protester in the crowd had a gun.

Footage from his rally in Reno, Nevada shows the moment that the divisive presidential candidate was rushed to safety by two agents.

In the clip,Trump stops talking and peers into the crowd, moments before he is grabbed by the two agents, who forced his head down and hustled him behind a curtain.

The Secret Service said the men were forced to intervene after someone near the stage shouted ‘gun’.

A man was apprehended at the rally, but a search revealed no weapon –and Trump emerged a few minutes later, vowing: ‘We will never be stopped.’

Austyn Crites,with the blue hood,said he was attacked for his anti-Trump stance.

Austyn Crites,the man who sparked the security alert,was holding up a ‘Republicans against Trump’sign.

He told KTVN-2 that he was a Republican supporter who attended the rally to express his opposition to the controversial presidential candidate.

He said:‘I agree with them on many, many different issues but I just believe that,you know,he’s very dangerous for the country.

‘And so I just came with a sign,I literally just had one sign that said ‘Republicans against Trump’.

‘I came here with this sign expecting boos. But it was just a sign.’

He added that people in the crowd attacked him before he was pinned down by police officers, escorted from the venue and subsequently held for questioning.

Mr Crites compared Barack Obama’s reaction to a protestor during a rally a few days ago,in which he urged the crowd to respect the protester,with Trump’s,saying he wanted ‘people to understand’ the difference.

In a statement, the Secret Service said: ‘Secret Service agents and Reno Police Officers immediately apprehended the subject.Upon a thorough search of the subject and the surrounding area,no weapon was found.’

Meanwhile,Trump thanked the Secret Service,Reno and Nevada law enforcement for their ‘fast and professional response’.
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