Monday, December 19, 2016


Chicago is colder than Mars right now!

Chicago is colder than Mars! America shivers as cold front plunges down from the Arctic, turning Lake Michigan lighthouse into an ice sculpture and dropping temperatures in Texas by 30 degrees.
Chicago was just 1 degree away from beating a record low temperature that was recorded in 1983, according to DNAinfo.

A wind chill advisory was in effect until 10am in the city, with temperatures expected to remain in the teens. 

The weather is predicted to get progressively warmer throughout the week, peaking at 39 degrees on Christmas before dropping again.

Chicago wasn't the only city in the Midwest to get hit by the weekend's deep freeze. 

Temperatures fell to the teens in St Joseph, Michigan, becoming so cold that an entire lighthouse on Lake Michigan froze over.  

Photographer Joshua Nowicki told media that he donned a 6mm winter wetsuit, complete with booties, gloves and boots with spikes, when he went out to take pictures on Friday night and Saturday morning. 

Nowicki, who lives in St Joseph, has always loved taking photos in more severe weather and knew the lighthouse would be getting its first layer of ice this weekend.

  • Temperatures in Chicago fell to minus 6 degrees with a wind chill of minus 20 at 9am on Monday morning 
  • The Windy City was minus 13 degrees around 4am, making it even colder than South Pole in Antarctica  
  • Photographer Joshua Nowicki donned a full winter wetsuit to capture the St Joseph lighthouse 
  • Said temperatures were in the teens when he braved the cold to photograph the scene on Friday and Saturday
  • And temperatures in Texas dropped from high 70s to the low 40s around 11pm on Saturday night   
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